Internet evidence reports, enforceable in court

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Chainote makes it possible to produce standardized internet evidence reports of all types of web content (including interactive sites with video and sound, or authentication) instantaneously and independently, without technical expertise, thanks to simple interaction with a remote reporting browser compliant with Afnor standard Z67-147. The resulting report consists of a PDF with screenshots, appendices and video, all with double eIDAS time stamping and blockchain.
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Depuis 2014, Broker Defense vous assiste dans la résolution de votre litige financier et vous assiste afin de récupérer votre argent dans le monde entier.
UBI (Universal Business Information) est au cœur de la stratégie ou des contentieux juridiques, des études pour développer et sécuriser votre business.
Preuveo est une plateforme digitale permettant de prendre facilement rendez-vous avec un Commissaire de justice, ainsi qu'une solution visant à simplifier le quotidien des études.
In which context should Chainote be used?

Fraudulent website

My website is being phished, my customers are being hijacked and scammed

Unfair competition

I am victim of parasitism or even counterfeiting of my brand or product


I am a victim of DDoS and I want to see the unavailability or alteration of an online service


I am a victim of unlawful behavior such as fraudulent or even fake reviews

Intellectual property

I want to defend my copyrights because I am a victim of plagiarism or even theft

Proof of anteriority

I need to prove the use of my brand, my business or even a concept

What are its characteristics?


Don't worry about the content involved in the finding disappearing anymore. You get it instantly


You can make an interactive internet evidence report with our CRB tool. This tool allows you to obtain a video of your session. This way you can see everything on the internet, without any limits.

Blockchain and eIDAS

Chainote is the only time-stamped interactive internet evidence report on blockchain, immutability guaranteed. For a higher guarantee, it also includes a classic eIDAS time-stamping, in accordance with European regulations.


The Chainote report is created in compliance with the Afnor Z67-147 standard guaranteeing you a quality equal to a report made by a bailiff. The report is fully auditable by IT legal experts.
I make an express static report opf a web page
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