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Your client or yourself notice a fraudulent element on the internet, call Chainote!

Fraudulent website

Scam, illegal content


Reproduction, imitation of a trademark


Against a person


Non-respect, unauthorized use


Against a product or service

Proof of Prior Art

Existence of a web page


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What are the advantages?

The statement that combines immediacy and strength

You ask for your report, you get it in a few moments, without effort


The Chainote report is the only digital report anchored on blockchain, guaranteeing its immutability


The Chainote report is created in accordance with the AFNOR NF Z67-147 standard guaranteeing you a quality equal to a report made by a bailiff


Thanks to our automatic anchoring server there is no human intervention, which guarantees a neutrality in the elaboration of the report


We keep a history of the computer operations carried out to create the report. At any time, an expert can request access to it in full transparency


We can develop a custom screen capture script if there are specific requirements for your report (authentication, mouse-over, click)


Our answers in full transparency

The blockchain, a transparent and secure database, is used to store and transmit information. It contains a history of all the exchanges made between its users since its origin (like a public, anonymous and unforgeable archive). This database is distributed, which means that it functions without intermediaries and without centralized control, so that anyone can verify its validity

The report is made in accordance with the AFNOR NF Z67-147 standard, on our dedicated server fully secured (secured hosting in a French company). Before each report, the reporting environment is prepared in accordance with the prerequisites of this one. Once the environment is prepared, the report is made. The log of the events during the taking of the finding is carefully kept, as well as all the recovered data. The whole process can be audited by an independent expert and verified

Chainote elaborates a written report in electronic form in accordance with the AFNOR NF Z67-147 standard, moreover, using blockchain technology, its integrity is therefore guaranteed. We can quote L’article 1316-1 of the civil code, about the support of proof: “the writing in electronic form is admitted as proof in the same way as the writing on paper, provided that the person from whom it emanates can be duly identified and that it is established and preserved in conditions likely to guarantee its integrity”

The bailiff follows the recommendations given by the standard AFNOR NF Z67-147 to make a digital report, often through a digital report software to which bailiffs have exclusive access, which follows this same standard. Chainote also relies on this standard, and thus carries out in a procedural way a report similar to that carried out by a bailiff. Chainote gives you the chance to have access to this same type of software

Any person needing to note the content of a web page at a given moment, can use Chainote. Indeed, a simple screen capture that you could be brought to realize, does not constitute at all a proof in front of a judge (this one having been able to be the subject of retouching). The advantage of Chainote is to be a simple, reliable and affordable solution

Your report is prepared instantly after you send the form. You will receive it directly on your mailbox and will have to validate the screen capture already made (you will be able to ask to modify it if necessary), via our dedicated page. It is also on this page that the payment of the report will be made

Chainote sells its digital report for 50€ HT. For this price, you have an instant digital report. You will be able to use it in case of a dispute.

They trust us

At the firm, we have been following this project with enthusiasm since the beginning, we have always believed in it, because we believe that the world of law can give birth to great innovations. The Chainote report is very well designed and can allow each lawyer to make a digital report in the blink of an eye!

Céline Moille - Lawyer in Lyon

The history of Chainote

Getting the most out of a technology
The Chainote solution is one of the biggest innovations in the legal world today. The realization of a digital statement of facts anchored on blockchain is a revolution.
by Julie-Sarah & François

Pictia was created by Julie-Sarah Marguet and François Rossigneux, the two founding partners. Their vision being to contribute to make the world more just, they created Pictia, the ethical blockchain image bank. Taking advantage of one of Pictia's technologies (digital observation of fraudulent uses of images), they created Chainote

The creation of the Chainote solution was encouraged by Pictia's many partners who all believe in this innovation. For these experts in law and entrepreneurship, the world of law must be accessible to all, and Chainote contributes to this, as this innovative solution is aimed at everyone and in particular at lawyers.

Our team

All dedicated to the same cause, to serve you
Julie-Sarah Marguet

Marketing specialist, trained in entrepreneurship. Passionate about the legal world!


François Rossigneux

10 years of experience as an IT research and development engineer. Passionate about blockchain technology!


Julia Sanichanh

Specialist in digital marketing and user experience. Passionate about innovation!


Andgel Ribeiro

Developer specialized in python language. Passionate about blockchain technology and the world of crypto-currencies!


Leïla Menguy

Web designer and professional photographer, I made creation my job!



Developer specialized in data analysis and software development. Passionate about photography!


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